Frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost to enter the awards?

There is no cost for submitting an application for the Consumer Duty Leadership Awards 2024.


Who will read my entry and is it confidential?

All entries submitted to the Consumer Duty Leadership Awards 2024 will be read by our appointed judges and internal awards administrative team. If you have specific requirements with regards to confidentiality, please contact our team to discuss if it is possible that arrangements can be made for you.

For publicity purposes, we would like to share select best practices with our community, with your agreement beforehand. For further information, please contact our team at


Do I have to attend the awards ceremony if I enter or am shortlisted?

No, there is no mandatory attendance at the awards ceremony in June as a result of a successful entry. Our team would encourage you to celebrate your success with your peers and be part of the event. Please contact our team at to discuss this further.


Can I withdraw my submission?

Yes, at any time, just get in touch with our team at


When will I hear about my submission?

The shortlist will be announced at the end of May 2024. Winners will be announced in the ceremony taking place in June 2024.


Will I receive feedback on my entry?

We cannot release any feedback before the awards ceremony has passed to ensure we have 100% of our results without prejudicing the result or informing the winners before this date. Post event, we will provide feedback on submissions on a request only basis.


Can I sponsor an award?

Please contact  our team for more information:


What if I have a question about the application process?

Please get in touch with us directly at